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Investment Plan

ISCA is developing three corporate strategies, by four steps, in five sections. As of today, ISCA is the China's largest Logistics Alliance Platform!



International Supply Chain Alliance (ISCA) developing the Golbal Supply Chain Logistics Alliance Platform Providing an online marketplace, and sourcing solution for logistics. In 2012, ISCA started the first Supply Chain Logistics Alliance Platform (www.oym56LM.com) in China. Nowaday, China Platform with more than 110,000 warehouse alliance members available to support over 1.2 billion m2 warehouse spaces in 1059 cities, more than 4,000 transportation alliance members ande more than 1,000 freight forwarder members. ISCA connect organizations among any supply chain organizations that need logisitics & warehouse services. Our platform transforms and filters in the best-fit resources for supply chain professionals to manage growth, inventory, returns and new market entry by creating warehouse networks that scale as necessary.

4 Strategies

5 Development Targets

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