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Edmon Fung


Over 30 years experience in business development in logistics industry in Greater-China; Developing WMS and logistics alliance platform with multiple awards; Vice chairman in The Chamber of Hong Kong Logistics Industry

Betty Chan

IT Director

30 Years experience in IT industry; Proficient in Barcode, software and system development; Development in WMS with multiple awards

Anthony Wong

International Project Director

Over 40 years experience in Logistics and supply chain management; Founder of the Hong Kong Logistics Association; Bachelor of Arts in Transport and Logistics Management from Royal Melbourne College of Technology;

Ken Chung

Cold Chain Consultant

Over 25 years experience in international trade and logistics industries; Participated in Multiple international project in cold chain; Public service for development of logistics industries in HKSAR; Serve and innovate for multiple logistics association for industry

Paul Cheung


30 years experience in Freight Forwarder and insurance industries; Close interaction with India and ASEAN

Carson Kwong

COO (Agriculture ECO)

Practicing International Trade business since 80s; experienced in operation of listed company investment and financing, trade chain optimization; Expertise of Agriculture and Halal Logistics

Tim Tong

Project Manager (Government Tender)

About 30 years experience in Purchasing and multinational corporation; Proficient in international tendering, transport and 3PL service

Thomas Kwan

Finance Consultant

Over 30 years experience on leading M&A transactions, project fund-raising, advisory services including deal origination, target identification, business strategy advice, structural and regulatory advice and pricing and negotiation strategy

Zhou Zheng Fu

Alliance Member Manager

13 years in Supply Chain Industry; Proficient in supply chain solution: Expertise of express service, trading platform, logistics informatization and eCommerce; Senior Logistics Specialist,

Kimi Wu

Business Manager

Over 6 years experience in customer service: Responsible in daily maintenance of platform alliance members, project docking and platform promotion work.

Cui Ning

E-Channel Manager

About 20 years experience in online platform, operation and eCommerce; Expertise of innovation in eCommerce

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