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ISCA is providing logistics supply chain marketing information to maximize the utilization of warehouse space for alliance members on our platform. Since 2012, ISCA China platform has been serving over 10,000 well-known brands, provided matching service on warehouse available data and service inquires! By identifying the most valuable warehouse data, customers will be able to model the business and predict the best outcomes.

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Compared to other platforms, ISCA is providing professional services, ISCA just fill up the gaps on deficiencies of our business. We hope to get more valuable information from ISCA platform!


Manager Peng

We’re looking for more international customers. With the advantages of international network of ISCA alliance platform, especially “One-belt, One-Road” opportunities!


Manager Jing

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3PL, Supply Chain

IT, Technology, Finance

Ecommerce, Retails, Home Appliances

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