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Logistics System

In traditional logistics industry, the development of logistics management system is complicate, expensive and risky. ISCA based on cloud computing technology PaaS (Platform as a service) and provides a new intelligent logistics solutions to our alliance members!

Logistics System

ISCA never stop to improve our system, we continuously improve our platform according to the feedbacks from alliance members and users. We optimize features, an add more services such as map searching engine.

The intelligent logistics solution based on cloud computing technology. The technology will improve the service level and operation level of cargo handling, transportation, warehousing, maintenance and customs clearance. As the result, improve efficient, speed, effective, transparent and costscontrol for logistics industry.As a platform for cloud software services and application developer - PaaS (Platform as a service).Firstly, it provides a platform for building and running software services.On another hand, it is responsible for manage hardware and software resources, through the Internet provides on-demand service and web-based solutions to customers.

Domination of large-scale enterprise
Tendering is one of main process for 3rd party Logistics operator. However, tenders were usually dominated and monopolized by large-scale enterprises and small-medium enterprises are hard to compete. The root cause is the complicated requirement of service. The Project usually requires wide coverage geographically. The requirement of distribution network is a huge limitation for SME. Lack of resources, facilities and operation system makes SME (Small-medium enterprises) not qualified to attend those projects. In fact, ironically, most of the daily work ends up outsourcing to SME by large-scale enterprise but the biggest margin is dominated by large-scale enterprises.

Strength of Small-scale enterprises
The situation really does not favor SMEs. However, flexibility and variability are key advantages for SME and those are always overlooked by market. Allied members cooperate with each other and the result is far more efficient than a single large enterprise.

What 4PL do
Firstly, 4PL helps SME to participate in the intense market and counter the market concentration. It organizes the corresponding warehouse operators and transportation service providers for project. Secondly, it also provides competitive price, flexibility and better service to clients. The approach creates win-win situation to all parties.

What is ISCA Logistics Management System (LMS)?

1. ISCA LMS is a comprehensive warehouse management system which allow authorized users can manipulate the flow of goods and information real time through this software. The user can report and handle inventory in real-time easily.
2. ISCA LMS is based on module design and seamless system connection online. ISCA LMS is a multi-functions software and has been developing for years with simple interface for the operators.
3. ISCA LMS is to deal with variety types of logistics SOP processes and design for online operating system, it is not only easy to use, but also can be used , anytime with no geographical or system constraints.
4. ISCA LMS allows you to manage your operation, anytime, anywhere by cloud through internet browser. LMS allows user multi-accesses the system at the same time. LMS suitable for own manage warehouse or outsource warehouse to third-party logistics provider. You only need to have a computer to connect the Internet, whenever on business trip or vacation, you will know your latest status of your inventory.
5. ISCA LMS is mainly used in warehouse and logistics management. LMS is also available to integrate with existing enterprise management module, finance module, manufacturing management module.

What configuration of hardware and devices is required for ISCA Logistics Management System?

All you need are a computer and internet for ISCA Logistics Management System. ISCA LMS is developed on JAVA, LINUX and MySQL, so users can reduce the costs by using these programming languages. Meanwhile, ISCA LMS runs automation to integrate with other systems to avoid redundancy and mistakes. ISCA LMS streamlines data processing and limits human errors. The data is running real-time in system. If you have a computer connected to the Internet (desktop or notebook), you can use LMS to manage orders. ISCA LMS not only for senior management reporting but also for any day-to-day operations. The warehouse operation can carry out on the Internet, cross-region and no time zone barriers on ISCA LMS.

What are the advance features on ISCA Management System?

1. JAVA, LINUX is an open platform, allows integrate with multiple systems.
2. Multi-warehouse, multi-vendor operation system.
3. inquiry on at least 10 different inventory status in real time.
4. inquiry details of goods by status, quantity, location, in/out, and incident tracking etc.
5, ISCA LMS also able to control inventory by lot, batch, or serial numbers. The system can handle specific orders by lot, quantity, location, and with reservation status, location status, location transfer records.
6. ISCA LMS also compliant with multiple carriers including DHL, and FedEx etc.
7. ISCA LMS provides e-mail alert system for any specific information setup such as arrival notice, out of stock, safety level, expiry date and so on.
8. System can provide the financial statement more than 60 different formats and analysis reports to satisfy management needs, such as outstanding report, and delivery report etc. You can also use variety formats, including XML, CSV and Excel formats.
9. The LMS allows customers to use simple manual operation or bar code operation. The customer can modify the system according to the development of the operation in order to continuously improve their company. .

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