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Logistics Ecosystem

ISCA's Warehouse Alliance big data provides warehouse, transportation and logistics supply chain network for specific product&specialized industry. Our Specialized Logistics alliance assists any logistics supply chain user to organize and develop their business in any brand-new market!

Logistics Ecosystem

ISCA's Warehouse Alliance provides warehouse, transportation and logistics supply chain network for specific product and specialized industry such as sales & lease of warehouses and lands, Cold chain logistics supply chain, Dangerous goods logistics supply chain, etc. We call it as “the logistics ecosystem”.

The components of the logistics ecosystem not only include various operations in the process of goods from producers to consumers, such as transportation/freight forwarding, distribution, warehousing, packaging, and distribution processing, but also include support for all related information flows, business flows, and capital flows. "Industry" of operational activities, such as information technology systems, logistics equipment supply, cold chain logistics, e-commerce, import and export customs, insurance, supply chain finance, training services, logistics real estate and trade logistics derived from different businesses such as international Anti-epidemic goods logistics, Amazon logistics, etc.

The purpose of our development of the logistics ecosystem is to bring together the logistics resources on the platform, to promote the replication and breakthrough of the business model in the market with scale, light assets, and sharing, and to do a good job in business logistics, which is a new tool to promote the development of the real economy. One-click direct access to the logistics ecosystem can be understood as a quick navigation for various service companies in the logistics ecological chain. We provide users with one-click direct access to these excellent classified companies and provide simple and convenient logistics ecological navigation services.

In the future, Internet + logistics = “eLogistics” is going to make the company develop their specialized logistics supply chain within a second! Looking for logistics services, start from the OYM Logistics Alliance ecoSystem!

ISCA developed "sales and lease of warehouses & lands" alliance to specialize in warehouse and lands. As of March 31, more than 670 members have joined this specialized alliance. In the future, we will continue to set up different professional alliances. Our target is to develop no less than 50 professional alliances by 2018.

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