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About ISCA

International Supply Chain Alliance (ISCA), developing the Global Supply Chain Logistics Alliance Platform providing an online marketplace, and sourcing solution for logistics.

In 2012, ISCA started the first Supply Chain Logistics Alliance Platform (OYM56LM www.oym56LM.com) in China. Now-a-day, China Platform with more than 110281 warehouse alliance members available to support over 1,125,538,480 m² warehouse spaces in 1059 cities.

ISCA connects among any logistics supply chain organizations that need warehouse & logistics services. Our platform transforms and filters in the best-fit resources for logistics supply chain professionals to manage growth, inventory, returns, and new market entry by creating logistics & warehouse networks.

ISCA Milestone

  • In 2012, Guangzhou Huixian Network Technology Co., Ltd., was established. China Warehouse Logistics Alliance platform was established as pilot run.
  • In 2015, Hong Kong headquarters was setup and target international alliance platforms.
  • In 2016, ISCA was reformed and Qianhai OYM (Shenzhen) was established.
  • In 2017, China Platform reached 5,000 warehouse alliance registered members, 4,000 transportation registered members and 1,000 freight forwarding members.
  • In 2018, ISCA is targeting 12,000 alliance members, share the philosophy of ISCA to the world in other countries.
  • In 2019, we shall recruit 80,000 alliance members and connect with LMSi's new generation Logistics System to carry out Trade Logistics and Logistics Finance.
  • In 2020, wide on the power of convergence of critical mass of Alliance to start development of logistics ecosystem. Malaysia branch & Africa branch have been set up.
  • In 2021, the total number of alliance members exceed 100,000, covering 1,059 cities around the world, laying a solid foundation for ISCA's global development.
  • In 2022, we are able to seize the earliest opportunities to explore the new ASEAN markets with the establishment of Vietnam partnership.

ISCA Founder

Edmon FUNG: Founder and managing director (nickname “Senior Logistics Fung”)
Job & Work Experiences :
Over 30 years experience in self managed warehouses and logistics development within the greater china region Professional Qualifications :
HKTDC Logistics Committee member
CHKLI – Vice President,
HKTDC Logistics Committee - Former member
CBEA - Honorary President
HKCA – Consultant
  • E-mail:edmon@int-sca.com
  • WeChat:edmonfung
  • Yahoo:hk.groups.yahoo.com/group/logisticsfanclub
  • Weibo:weibo.com/edmon2012
  • Sina Blog:bolg.sina.com.cn/edmon2012
  • Linkedin:Fung Cho Kie

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